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Is Nikola Jokic better than Steph Curry?

It is subjective to compare Stephen Curry and Nikola Joki because they play different positions and play differently. Although they excel in different aspects of the game, both players are regarded as among the best in the NBA. Stephen Curry is widely considered to be one of the greatest NBA shooters. His uncommon long-range shooting, capacity to make his own shot, and off-ball development convey him a steady intimidation on the court. The way teams approach offense has been transformed by Curry's shooting and impact on the game, and his three-point shooting records are unparalleled. Nikola Joki, on the other hand, is a versatile big man who is great at making plays and has great court vision. He is well-known for his outstanding passing skills, high basketball IQ, and versatility. Jokić's capacity to work with the offense from the middle position is special and has prompted examinations with incredible enormous men like Enchantment Johnson and Larry Bird. The comparison between Curry and Joki ultimately comes down to personal preference and evaluation criteria. Curry's game is unlike any other if you put more emphasis on scoring and shooting. However, Joki's game has its own advantages if you value versatility, playmaking, and all-around skills. It is essential to keep in mind that individual player comparisons can vary, and basketball enthusiasts, analysts, and experts' perspectives on this issue may diverge.

How many times has LeBron beaten Curry?

LeBron James and Stephen Curry have confronted each other a sum of multiple times in NBA games, remembering 20 for the standard season, 22 in the end of the season games, and 1 in the Play-in competition. Stephen Curry has a 27-22 prevailing upon record LeBron James, remembering a 17-11 record for the end of the season games. In the end of the season games, Curry has won three of the four series they have played against one another. However, the number of times Curry has been defeated by LeBron James is not listed in the search results.

How many times has LeBron beaten Curry?

In NBA games, LeBron James and Stephen Curry have faced off 49 times. As per StatMuse, Curry has a 27-22 prevailing upon record LeBron James, remembering a 17-11 record for end of the season games. According to the results of another StatMuse search, Stephen Curry has a career record of 15-7 against LeBron James in the NBA Finals. In a new article by Brandishing News, it is referenced that the standard season series between the two players is dead even at 10-10, while Curry holds a 15-7 edge in the postseason. The article additionally specifies that the two players have four titles each, with Curry having one Finals MVP grant and James having four.

Who has the best record against Steph Curry?

With a record of 17-14, Mike Conley has the best record against Stephen Curry in more than 30 games. StatMuse also lists David Andersen (4-2), Channing Frye (21), Grant Hill (11), Steve Nash (13), and Amar'e Stoudemire (13) as players who have won games against Stephen Curry. However, it is essential to keep in mind that these records are based on a select few games.

Why is Curry so good at basketball?

Stephen Curry's exceptional shooting, ball-handling abilities, and quick release make him one of the best basketball players. Sky Sports claims that Curry's one-of-a-kind practice routine, which includes shooting from every spot on the floor and a variety of ball-handling drills, has helped him develop muscle memory and execute trick shots. Also, Curry had to work harder to get better at his skills because he was the smallest kid on every team he played on. Curry stands out from other players due to his ability to shoot, particularly from beyond the arc, and his shooting has been credited with revolutionizing basketball. Nonetheless, Curry isn't simply an incredible shooter; He also has good finishing, ball handling, rebounding, defending skills.


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